Takhti-Tepa mud vulcanoes

ტახტი-თეფას ტალახის ვულკანები

110 km, 1 day, by car, medium difficulty

This inorganic monument is located near Dali Mountain and is different from everything that you can see in Georgia. Visitors to this muddy volcano have the feeling that they have landed not just in another country but on another planet.

The volcano is a whitish, flat-bottomed hillside that continually explodes and rehearses. The air, oil, and mud that constantly pour out of craters have curative qualities.

Mud volcanoes are covered with halophytes: Kalidium (Kalidium capsicum), Sea beite(Suaeda altissima), (Petrosimonia brachiata), and Sea-lavender (Limonium meyeri). The slopes around the volcano are covered with semi-desert phytocenosis.

source: www.apa.gov.ge

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