About us Main goals of the association

About us

Dedoplistskaro Tourism Development Association was founded on May 5, 2019.

Main goals of the association:

  • Tourism sustainable development in the region;
  • Promotion of tourism infrastructure development in the region;
  • Promotion of tourism products development and promotion;
  • Cooperation with Protected Areas;
  • Raising public awareness on tourism and environmental issues;
  • Perform any other activity which is not prohibited by the legislation of Georgia.
To increase awareness of Dedoplistskaro municipality as the world-famous tourist destination promoting the sustainable development of tourism.

 Our principles are:

·         To do maximum for the visitor’s pleasure.
·         Continual care for improving the quality of service.

Slogan: More satisfied visitors from Dedoplistskaro!

With the financial support of the European Union and the help of the Estonian Rural Tourism Organization (ERTO), the Mid-Term Strategic Plan for Dedoplistskaro Tourism Development Association has been developed.