Pirosmani museum

The museum established by a well-known self-taught Georgian artist – Niko Pirosmani (Pirosmanashvili) (1862-1918) in 1960 is located in village Mirzaani, Dedoplistskaro. This is a memorial complex with the house of the artist and the exhibition hall built-in 1979.

The art of Pirosmani was developed in the late 19th century and the early 20th century, based on national motives. The scenes and events seen in his native village Mirzaani occupy a major place in his artistic heritage – “Vintage”, “The feat in vintage”, “A big wine-cellar in the forest”, “Kakheti epos, or “Alazani Valley”, “A Peasant woman with her son”, “Peasant and his son”, “Peasant Woman with Children Goes for Water”, “Threshing Floor at Dusk”,
“Firewood seller”, “Girl grazing a goose with goslings”,  “Noble with a horn for drinking wine”, “Easter Festival”, “Easter Lamb”, “Wedding in old-times Georgia” etc.

When visiting Mirzaani you will be able to see the original paintings of Pirosmani, personal belongings of the artist, become familiarized with the ethnographic material, carpets, rugs, crockery, tools reflecting the Kizikian lifestyle – the environment from which the art of Pirosmani was originated. Paintings of other Georgian artists of the 20th century are also saved in the museum.

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