Pantishara-Bear Canyon

პანტიშარა – დათვისხევი

120 km, 1 day, with car – integrated pedestrian, of average complexity.

The route starts from Dedoplistskaro and heads south-east to Vashlovani rangers station. When visitors reach Vashlovani station, the Vashlovani cavern abruptly diverges from the monotonous terrain of the Shirak Valley, it is adorned with evergreen relic trees – large  Pistacia trees and Juniper trees. A picnic area is available at this place, where you can take a break and enjoy the local views.

The route from the rangers station heads towards Pantishara Valley. The road leading to the valley is marked by two distinct landscapes: on the right side of the road, there is a ridge of xerophytic grass, with gentle contours, and on the left – 50-70 meters down from the road, steep slopes, covered with arid forests and deep valleys. The road leading down the ridge gradually descends into the narrow valley of Pantishara, on either side of which are fortress-like cliffs, on which swallows have built many nests, and this is why this place is called the “Swallow City”.

The valley to the south is gradually expanding, and the vast panorama of the badlands “Alesilebi” is eroding, giving them the best opportunity for bird watching. From here the route returns to the valley and takes its path to the tributary of the “Bear Gorge”. At the beginning of the Bear Gorge, there is a picnic area and parking lot, which is where the hiking trail goes deep into the ravine and its slopes are covered with muddy sea mollusks, confirming the once-existing sea. The highlight of the route is the fossilized bones of the southern elephant, the largest of which reaches 87cm and reflects the giant size of the mammal that lived a million years ago. Footprints of the bear, wolf, wild boar, lynx can also be found here.

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