Arkhiloskalo,  is steppe climatic resort,  located in Dedoplistskaro municipality, 35 km from the municipal center, in the eastern part of the Iori Plateau (Shiraki steppe), in the hilly plain of a typical forest-steppe and steppe landscape with plenty of vineyards.

Climate is dry, subtropical. Winter is mild, almost snowless. The summer is very warm. The average monthly temperature of January and August are -2 C to +23C. Rainfall totals 544 mm per annum. Relative air humidity varies within 55-64 percent in summer. Sunny weather is the typical feature. During the summer season, especially midday hours, weak dry steppe winds are frequent, which with the temperature being rather high and the humidity being low are conducive to the intensive evaporation of moisture from the skin.

The peculiarities of climatic conditions, which are the major natural curative factor, determine the type of Arkhiloskalo Resort. During the Soviet period, resort treatment was provided here for patients suffering from inflammatory diseases of kidneys. Nowadays territory is temporarIly closed-down. Only one guard is protecting territory, entry of strangers is prohibited.

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