Walnut Bay- Allazani floodplain

კაკლისყურე – ალაზნის ჭალა

150 km, 1 day by car, medium difficulty.

Kakliskure (Walnut Bay) is a peninsula-shaped beach of the Alazani River. The width of its throat is not more than 30-40 meters, and the area is more than 204-ha. Today, only in the gulf of Alazani can be found landscapes characterized this area, It is rich with flora. Only here in Georgia is the walnut natural habitat, where only a handful of giant Fraxinus, Quercus Iberica, and elms have survived. The name “Walnut Bay” should also come from the mentioned habitat.

After visiting the Alazani floodplain it is possible to have a picnic and return to Dedoplistskaro. The road first leads to the ravine, where in April the slope covers with peons flowers, then goes to the villages of Kvemo Keda, Arklisalkalo, and Upper Kedi, crossing the Shiraki Valley and returning to Dedoplistskaro.

Source: www.apa.gov.ge

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