Juma Gulf

Those who enjoy fishing can travel to the MIjniskure, on the Alazani River. Fishing is allowed with roods and dip-nets. About 20 species of fish live in the Alazani River. The cost is 5 GEL, and the fishing limit is up to 15 kg fish. The best season for fishing is spring and autumn. In Alazani there are many catfish, carp, zander, shamaya, goby, barbel, and Caucasian clupea. This is a list of the fishes which ate caught by fishermen on the river, in spring and autumn. Overnight can be arranged in the shelter organized by the Vashlovani PAs administration.

Vashlovani PAs administration
Visitors Service Specialist: Nino Seturidze Tel: 577 10 18 49
Address: Dedoflistskaro district, Baratashvili str. N5  
e-mail: nseturidze13@gmail.com

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