Estonians in Dedoplistskaro

Dedoplistskaro Tourism Development Association systematically takes care of improving the existing tourism products in the region and creating new ones.

This year, our association together with the Estonian Rural Tourism Organisation, with the support of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, launched the project “Rural Tourism Product Development in Dedoplistskaro District, Georgia“. The project will be completed on 30.09.2023. Its goal is to raise the level of tourism services and product quality in Dedoplistskaro district by raising the awareness, knowledge, and skills of local tourism entrepreneurs.

The project envisages training of local entrepreneurs, involvement of young and female entrepreneurs in the project, training of local experts in tourism services and product quality management, development of quality criteria and system and preparation of relevant documents in English and Georgian, creation of the visual identity of the quality system, creation of modern tourism product. Development and sale, the training program for rural tourism entrepreneurs, study visit to Estonia for a Georgian group, preparation of a practical guide for quality consultants and entrepreneurs.

This project will help train local entrepreneurs already involved in the tourism business, as well as provide practical advice to start-up entrepreneurs interested in formulating and refining their ideas for the development of rural tourism.

Representatives of the Estonian Rural Tourism Organization visited Dedoplistskaro on November 1-5: Ms. Raili Mengel -Chair of the Board, Ms. Silja Lehtpuu – Project Manager, Ms. Anneli Kana -Chairman of the Board, Ms. Katrin Papp – Expert.

At this stage of the project, a group of local experts was formed. They got acquainted with the experience of Estonian rural tourism facilities in using the ecotourism quality mark, accommodation facilities, hiking trails, culinary facilities, and other quality tourism products.

During the visit, the guests visited the Georgian National Tourism Administration, where they met with the heads of the administration: Ms. Tamar Koriauli and Tamar Maisuradze. The next meeting was held at the Embassy of Estonia in Georgia with Ms. Nino Karanadze.

During the visit, the guests visited several local nature monuments, accommodation, and agro-tourism facilities.

A group of experts with Estonian colleagues started working to create quality criteria for local facilities.

The association invites interested parties to collaborate.

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