About the tourism product quality criteria

Within the framework of the joint project of the Estonian Rural Tourism Organization and the Dedoplistskaro Tourism Development Association, “Development of the Quality of Tourist Products in Dedoplistskaro”, the criteria for the quality of tourism products in Dedoplistskaro are already ready.

label Good Host

With the experience of Estonian specialists, following the current legislation of Georgia, the requirements of the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, and the local conditions of Dedoplistskaro, the general and targeted group criteria for the quality of the tourist product were developed and translated into Georgian for the following types of services: accommodation, catering, agro-tourism facilities, cultural heritage-based, for the degustation service arranging, organizing nature tours, guides, transport services, and other tourist services in the region. The purpose of developing the criteria is to give the unique label of “good host” to the tourism services of Dedoplistskaro.

Entrepreneurs should always remember that the success or failure of one business affects all entrepreneurs.

The existing tourism product quality criteria will help entrepreneurs and service providers involved in tourism in self-evaluation, development, and refinement of the improved design of the action plan, sustaining healthy competition, and increasing income by participating in joint association events and tours. An entrepreneur can use the label in marketing.

The presence of a unique label “Good Host” will help the visitors and potential guests of the district to find and choose the desired service.

The presence of many services receiving the special label “Good Host” in Dedoplistskaro will increase the overall number of visitors to the area, as well as the time spent by them in the area.

The criteria will soon publish on the Dedoplistskaro Tourism Development Association website: www.dtda.ge. After that, local businesses – members of the Association, will be able to self-assess their services in the first stage. In case of meeting the set percentage of meeting the mandatory and recommended criteria, they may officially request the Association the receive the   “Good Host” label.

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