Guest House Savanna Backyard

Name: Guest House Savanna Backyard
Contact person: Teimuraz Popiashvili
Address: 51 Mosulishvili Street, Dedoplis Tskaro 1600
Phone: 555 54 04 74
Google GPS: 37W+H3 Dedoplis Tskaro
Web-site: Open website


Service description:

Guest House “Savannah Backyard” is located on a typical cozy street in Khornabuji, Dedoplistskaro. Here you will find a comfortable and cozy apartment, warm atmosphere, delicious local cuisine, and domestic wine.

At the moment we have 2 comfortable rooms where we can accommodate 4 guests. There is also a well-equipped kitchen corner, living room and balcony with a seating area. There is also a car park in the large courtyard.

Most of our guests are travelers who have a voyage to the Vashlovani Protected Areas – with spectacular natural wonders – and stop by on our way. Because of resemblance to African landscapes, they often refer to Vashlovani as a Georgian savanna. By choosing this name for the hotel, we have tried to show respect for the treasure in our region.


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