Ozaani Church of the Ascension

One of the proofs of the social-economic and political strength of Kambechovani region – the Church of the Ascension built in the 9th century is located in village Ozaani, Dedoplistskaro Municipality. This is a brick-built church with a central dome and the form of the inscribed cross, with massive lateral parts. The floor used to be finished with hexagonal and triangular slabs of various colors, roofing was made with greenish and brownish tiles. The altar wall was built in the 10th century and various parts of the church were painted in the 12-13th centuries. There are inscriptions made in the Georgian (Asomtavruli) alphabet on the walls. The frescoes describe the episodes from the life of the Christ, faces of prophets. The Prophet Elijah is also seen with an inscription. The group portrait of ktitors is also seen on the eastern wall of the southern column of the church.

Ozaani Church of the Ascension, with its diverse and highly artistic architecture and art represents the best example of the culture of united Georgia.

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