Edge bay- Black mountain

მიჯნისყურე – შავი მთა

/ 220km, 2 days, by car, with integrated hiking, difficult /

The road from Pantishara Gorge follows the boundary of the Nature Reserve . There are two different landscapes: on the left side of the road there is a ridge of xerophytic grass, with gentle contours, and on the right side, 50-70 meters down from the road, there are steep slopes, arid forests and deep valleys. There is also located a viewpoint. From the viewpoint, follow the ridge, pass the Vashlovani Rangers Station and climb into the ravine, whose bright forest-covered slopes are full of beautiful birds: Merops (genus), Coraciiformes, The Eurasian golden orioles. From there, the road crosses into the Gorge of “Natlistskali”. The water in the valley constantly presents, though in some places it flows underground and in some places rises above the ground and creates a favorite habitat for small birds. Here is located the border crossing point. The area is densely populated with Rock partridges. following the road leading to the  “nameless” cobbles, from where you can see a vast array of Badlands called “Alesilebi”. The road descends gradually down the stream and reaches the Alazani floodplain -Mijniskure(edge bay).

Accommodation is available in the bungalows on-site. The next day the tour goes to the Shavi Mta (Black Mountain). It is possible to reach one of the entrances to Vashlovani National Park. From there, the road crosses the “Imedi” Gorge and approaches the Black Mountain forest where the Colchian pheasant inhabit. There is also located a picnic area. Tourists can reach the Black Mountain Monastery on foot.

The trail runs along the small ridge, to the left of which is a broad-leaved forest, and to the right is the Alazani Valley and the Mingechauri Reservoir. The trail ends at the site of the old monastery, where only the remains of the IV-V century cathedral floor and foundation are preserved. In good weather, especially in winter, when evaporation is less and the air is clear, the Caucasus Range can be seen.

Source: www.apa.gov.ge

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