Khornabuji Fortress

Dedoplistskaro is a part of Kiziki, the most beautiful part of Georgia which is referred to as Kambechovani (Kambisene) in the ancient historical sources. In the 5th century, King Vakhtang Gorgasali established the Bishopric of Khornabuji in Kambechovani. In that period Khornabuji was the center of Kambechovani and the Khornabuji Eristavi had the seat there.

Khornabuji Fortress is still located in the north of Dedoplistskaro and surprises the visitors by its strategic location and beauty. Things were humming around Khornabuji Fortress – by archaeological surveys, it is confirmed that Kartvelian tribes residing on this territory carried out diverse activities – cattle breeding, winemaking, silk farming; were produced cereal crops, rice, cotton; were processed metal, ceramics, glass, and etc.

The coins discovered during archaeological excavations confirm that large trade routes passed here in the 4-7th centuries. One of such routes – Pantishara – is also active at present and falls within the territory of Vashlovani Protected Areas. The so-called “City of Swallows” is also located here.

There are interesting videos about the fortress city of Khornabuji:

Public Broadcaster’s report on Khornabuj fortress.

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