Hiking route 18 kilometers

დედოფლისწყარო - არწივის ხეობა - სახოხბე - ხორნაბუჯის ციხე - დედოფლისწყარო




 NOTE: To shorten walking distance, it’s possible to come up to the Eagle Gorge by car and tell the driver to wait at Khornabuji Fortress. In such case the route distance can be reduced from 18 km. to 10 km.


The journey begins in the center of Dedoplistskaro and heading in the direction of Eagle Gorge (on the way you can visit wine cellar and taste a variety of local wines), which is astonishingly beautiful canyon, cut through the limestone and holds status of Natural Monument. The gorge is very reach with wide and varied range of plants and birds species and creates excellent conditions for Birdwatching. From here, it’s often possible to see several species of scavengers and predator birds with naked eye and if you will be armed with binoculars, you might even observe eaglets sitting in a nest. Here you can find seashells to, which reminds us that these places once were covered by sea. From the Eagle Gorge, road continues to Koghoto ravine, where is located pheasantry. Here, beside Colchis pheasants, visitors can observe peacocks and other beautiful birds. On the opposite side of the pheasantry, there is arranged picnic place, which is overlooking at the rarest sort of Kakhetian wine variety – Khikhi vineyard and the Eagle Gorge. From here the road continues to the firs panorama point, which is located after the tiring ascent. Here hikers can rest and have a snack. Then the route goes by spring, towards the second panorama point. From there you can see the following destination of the route – Khornabuji Fortress. The fortress is built by remarkably skillful masters, on the difficult cliff. In the IV century, here was situated a very important and powerful castle, which was strategic, cultural and military center. There is the picnic area under the fortress, where travelers can have lunch and rest. Afterward, take returning route to Dedoplistskaro.

Source: www.gnta.ge

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