Chairperson of the ERTO visited Dedoplistskaro

With the support of the European Union, within the framework of the ENPARD II project PROCEED, Ms. Riley Mengel, Chairwoman of the Estonian Rural Tourism Association, visited Dedoplistskaro.

NGO Estonian Rural Tourism was founded 20 years ago and has about three hundred members all over Estonia. The aim of the association is to represent the common interests of rural tourism service providers in order to support the development of rural tourism in Estonia. Association has experience working on different kinds of projects. The Association is a member of the European Rural Tourism Association (Eurogites).

Ms. Riley was guided by Ms. Manana Katashvili, Chairperson of the Dedoplistskaro Tourism Development Association. The Estonian guest got acquainted with the tourism potential of Dedoplistskaro Municipality and visited the tourist sites of members of the Association. Also, had the opportunity of sightseeing in the region.

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