Dedoplistskaro Municipality

Area – 2529.2 sq. km.

Population – 21,1 thousand people

Distance from Tbilisi – 130-140 km.


Dedoplistskaro Municipality is located in the southern-easternmost part of Georgia, Kakheti region, Iori Plateau, at the border of Georgia and Azerbaijan, between Iori and Alazani rivers. The climate is continental. The most part of the territory is occupied by fertile agricultural lands – tillable lands and pastures, therefore, field husbandry and cattle breeding (including, sheep farming), as well as viticulture are well developed here.

Wheat, sunflower, barley, maize, vegetables and melons, grapevines are grown in Dedoplistskaro Municipality; Cattle breeding is also developed. High-quality wheat flour, wine, meat, milk and dairy products, egg, honey, etc. are produced in this region. There are deposits of limestone, oil, clay.

The population of Dedoplistskaro Municipality is diverse: Mtiulians, Pshavians, Khevsurians, Mokhevians resettled from the mountains to the plains by the mediation of Vazha Pshavela in the 19th century and reside here next to Kizikians. You will find densely populated Rachvelians in village Mirzaani, Heretians and eco-migrants from Adjaria in villages Pirosmani and Samtatskaro. Local Russians, Armenians and other nationalities consider Dedoplistskaro as their homeland.

The ethnic-national diversity of the Municipality influences the local traditions and lifestyle, cuisine and hospitability – the visitors can taste Kakhetian wine and Chacha, Kizikian Nazuki (pastry), Dedas Puri (bread), Nettle Pkhali (chopped Nettle leaves), beans cooked in a Kizikian style, Mtiulian and Khevsurian Khinkali (dumpling), Adjarian Khachapuri (cheese- filled bread), Achma  (type of Khachapuri) etc.

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