Dali mountain water reservoir

Among the fishermen, the popular place is “Dali mountain reservoir”, which is located on the river Iori,  30 km south of Dedoplistskaro, near the Dali mountain and Chachuna Managed Reserve. The total volume of water is 140,0 mln. M³. Every yaer 100,000 fries are released into the water. Fish species such as grass carp, barbel, common carp, silver carp, ciprinidae, shamaya are common. Fishing is available at any time of the year, the best period is form May – June to November. Fishing is allowed only with roods. Fishing price at the “Dali mountain” reservoir is 3 GEL per person 24 hours, discounts on the group are not considered. Boat for fishing can be hired on place. The cost of this service is 30 GEL per day.

Dali reservoir and its surrounding area are also interesting with its biodiversity. There are three species of the amphibians, thirty-one species of the reptiles, twenty-five species of mammals. The birds are distinguished with a special diversity – one hundred and thirty species. Also worth of mentioning: mammals: raccoon, nutria, raccoon dog, wild boar, jacal, fox, wolf, rabbit. birds:. partridge, pheasant, Greylag goose, Eurasian wigeon, Gadwall, Eurasian teal, Mallard, Northern pintail, Garganey, Northern shoveler, quail, Eurasian coot, Common moorhen, Jack snipe, Common snipe, Eurasian woodcock, Common wood pigeon, Stock dove, European turtle dove.

A well-equiped cottages “Dalis Mta” are located next to the area, where tourists can relax in a quiet environment and  fresh air.

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