Colchian Pheasant Breeding Farm

Name: Colchian Pheasant Breeding Farm
Contact person: Amiran Kodiashvili
Address: Eagle Gorge Natural Monument
Phone: +995 599 31 39
Google GPS: G453+52 Khirsa
Web-site: Open website


Service description:

The pheasant breeding farm is located in Koghoto valley and was established by the NGO “Friends’ Association of Vashlovani Protected Areas” with the assistance of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The goal of the organization is to create a gene pool of the Colchian pheasant in aviaries and then free them to nature. Colchian pheasant is considered to be the predecessor of pheasants spread in Europe. According to the legend, a pheasant was taken from Colchis by Argonauts and then it was spread throughout Europe. The Greeks called it “Phasianus” (Lat. Phasianus colchicus; Phasis – the old name of Rioni river).

The incubator equipped by an autonomous solar power system was built within the framework of the project where about 300 pheasants were reproduced in aviaries and they were given to three hunting farms and several families. 25 pheasants were allowed to go to the territory adjacent to the pheasant breeding farm in 2014-2015. They are being monitored using modern technologies (telemeter).

A picnic area is arranged opposite the pheasant breeding farm which overlooks the vineyard of the rarest sort of Kakhetian grape – “Khikhvi” and Artsivi (Eagle) Gorge. “Khikhvi” is a local (Alazani), less widespread grape species. It is used to make high-quality dry wine and dessert-liqueur wine.


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