Association Members’ Meeting 5 February 2020

The first semi-annual general meeting of Dedoplistskaro Tourism Development Association was held. On 5 February 2020 at the premises of Touristic Bureau “Dedoplistour” (beneficiary of PROCEED).
The meeting was attended by 21 members, and  Nana Kartvelishvili and Shota Kukuladze – project PROCEED staff, Ilia Martkoplishvili – Director of Dedoplistskaro Center for Culture and Monument Protection, Representatives of the local press.

Manana Katashvili, the Chairperson of the Association, presented to the members a report on the work done by the organization since its establishment.
It was noted that from June 31 to December 31, 2019, the Association held 1 General Meeting, 1 Info Tour for Georgian Tour Operators, members participating in tourism training.
2 grant applications were prepared and submitted to ENPARD and the East-West Management Institute. Unfortunately, the projects were not funded.
Dedoplistskaro Tourism Development Action Plan has been developed and submitted to Dedoplistskaro Municipality Local Government, National Tourism Administration, and other relevant agencies. It was noted that in 2020 the local budget of Dedoplistskaro municipality does not allocate funds for the development of tourism infrastructure.
Nana Kartvelishvili, provided information on tourism projects funded during 2018-2019 and on tourism statistics for 2019. She also presented the Association’s website to its members and asked to provide materials.
The analysis, based on official statistics, shows a decrease in the number of tourists coming to the area compared to the previous year, which is a serious challenge for those involved in the business. Joint measures are needed to increase the number of visitors. The business discussion was held on the prospects of tourism development in Dedoplistskaro.

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