Artsivi (Eagle) Gorge Natural Monument

Artsivi (Eagle) Gorge Natural Monument falling within the territory of Vashlovani Protected Areas is located in village Khornabuji, neat the city of Dedoplistskaro. This is a deep and beautiful canyon cut in limestone cliff by a small ravine. Limestone conglomerates covered by trees and Paliurus bushes are present on both sides of the gorge.

Endemic and endangered rare plants – regional bellflower – a white-flowered plant on limestone cliffs and coniferous bush – Thuja – which is not found in any part of Georgia are spread here. The wonderful view of the Alazani valley and the Kakheti section of the Caucasus mountains is seen from this place. It is possible to watch about sixty bird species in Artsivi Gorge, including, gyps, short-toed snake eagle and Egyptian vulture. Black stork, which is a very rare bird species for Georgia, is also found in this gorge. 

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