Tourism Product Quality Criteria Are Developed

Quality criterias

Creating and offering a quality tourism product by all entrepreneurs for visitors to the Dedoplistskaro region is necessary to improve the business of all representatives of Dedoplistskaro tourism and other related industries.

Dedoplistskaro Tourism Development Association together with the Estonian Rural Tourism Organization continues to work to improve the quality of tourism services and products in Dedoplistskaro. At this stage, a list of minimum requirements and criteria that need to be met for local businesses related to the tourism sector is being developed: accommodation, food facilities, transport services, guides, rural tourism, agro-tourism, cultural heritage-based tourism facilities, etc.

The criteria take into account the compliance of the entrepreneur with the current legislation and regulations, as well as the use of local traditions and products in the services.

The expert group came up with the idea of ​​a label that local businesses will receive if they meet the criteria. These will be the titles: “Good Host” and ” Excellent Host”.

In the next stage, the application of quality criteria will be checked (tested) in practice. Then the entrepreneurs will be trained on how to implement these criterias in their business.

We invite all interested parties for cooperation.

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